CFL Picks for Week # 4

July 5, 2019 | Tom Luzzi and Mike Lownsbrough

Before we go any further, I have a question for Tom. Who was 4 and 0 last week?

That’s right Tom. That would be Big Daddy Love…Read ‘em and weep.


Tom Luzzi

Undefeated vs. winless. Hamilton and Montreal are both off to the start many expected. Masoli looks to be the early Eastern MVP. Talent like Banks, Addisons, Thomas Erlington round out a potent offense. Hamilton’s d-line is a sack machine.

Hamilton wins and Montreal even loses the coin toss

Mike Lownsbrough

If I had a dog as ugly as Montreal’s football team, I would shave his butt and make him walk backwards. Not even close. The only thing Montreal has going for it? Beautiful women, but they can’t even help this team.

Ticats in a blowout.

PICK: Hamilton -3.5


Tom Luzzi

These just might be the two best teams in the CFL. This early in the season it might come down to home field advantage. Nobody saw the Redblacks playing this well given all the free agents they lost including their oc. Winnipeg isn’t really leading any category but they are playing fundamentally sound football.

Winnipeg wins with a strong D

Mike Lownsbrough

Winnipeg wins. Ottawa is playing over their head but they are still more popular than the Senators, Melnyk and Trudeau. Then again, who isn’t?

PICK: Ottawa -3.5


Tom Luzzi

The west coast team of assembled talent travels to the home of the Raptors. Both teams: horrible pts. for and against differential. Rumours of the social media divas on the left coast may be true. Toronto is still basking in their glory from winning the grey cup 2.5 years ago. This is game 2 after the blow out last week.

BC Lions for the win.

Mike Lownsbrough

Zzzzzzzzzzzzz Wake me up when Kawhi Leonard signs. That’s the only thing I care about in Toronto. Lions in a walk. If they lose, fire everybody and bring Wally back.

PICK: BC -7.5


Tom Luzzi

Calgary has been devastated with injuries early and often, and combined with players lost thru FA, they are a mess. Riders may have found their game and QB of the future in Fajardo late last game.

Strong O and strong D will beat the Stamps easily at home.

Riders win in a beat down.

Mike Lownsbrough

The big question is this: Who does Mama Dickenson cheer for in this one?

The Dickenson boys go head to head.

Two backup QBs in this one. I’m going on a limb. The Stamps in a bit of an upset. If they don’t win, I will streak down the middle of my hometown of Carnduff, Saskatchewan wearing nothing but a watermelon helmet and a Rider Flag while saying I was just swimming.

Seriously Go Stamps Go! Nobody needs to see that.

PICK: Sask -4.5

Tom’s Record: 6 -5
Mike’s Record: 7-4  (Did I mention that I was 4 and 0 last week?)

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