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Sadly, all-inclusive local sports coverage has become virtually nonexistent. TV stations have cut back their sports coverage to the bare minimum. Their focus and effort is thin with minimal impact. Of Calgary's 2 sport radio stations, one's primary focus is the Flames and the other covers the Stampeders.  On a larger scale, TSN and Sportsnet may only cover a topic if the story “big enough”. The other dying media medium, local newspapers,  simply provide regurgitated stories. Calgary fans want more...deserve more!

There is an enormous void in the market.

Calgary Sports Page is the only comprehensive platform for local sports enthusiasts. The online instant access domain dominates the Calgary sports scene by covering the "big stories" in our community as well as grass-roots, feel-good human interest topics. Calgary Sports page is committed to giving Calgary's sports-hungry fans a product that has been absent from the market for too long.

Introducing Calgary Sports Page

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