Outlaw Sports CFL Picks for Week #3

June 27, 2019 | Tom Luzzi and Mike Lownsbrough

 Edmonton @ Winnipeg

Tom Luzzi says:

Here’s the reason why I like Edmonton: This is a vastly improved Edmonton Eskimo team that is out to prove that they’re a better team without Reilly and Rhodes. Winnipeg is on the road and has a pretty good football team. They are also coming off the bye week but dad said they got a very average coach who gets out coached in most games. The only thing that will block the Bombers will be their defense. No doubt. Take the Eskimos.

Mike Lownsbrough says:

The game of the week. Bombers at home. This will be more fun than watching Brian Hall put on his toupee. But Tom; both coaches on both teams can implode at any given time with ridiculous play calling.

PICK: Winnipeg +8

BC @ Calgary

Tom Luzzi says: 

Two hungry teams take to the field in Calgary. The BC social media divas led by Carter and Colonel Clink take on the Stampeders with their “no run”, “no middle defense” game. Road teams will lose 66% of the time; that’s just a fact. I think Calgary coming off a bye week sorted out a lot of issues so Calgary should take this game.

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Stamps at home. Lions will be 0 and 3 unless Mike Reilly stands on his head… and he can. Bo Levi should correct the offensive woes.

PICK: BC +10.5

Toronto @ Saskatchewan

Tom Luzzi says:

I really think Toronto got caught up in the “We the North” and all the U for all of the Raptors and forgot how to play football. I think they’re going to forget how to play football again this week as they play the Saskatchewan Roughriders who have a pretty damn good football team. I’d like to schedule an in this one.

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Hahaha when did Toronto get a professional football team? Unless they get Kawhi Leonard on the field they don’t stand a chance. In fact are they not already eliminated from the post season? Riders with whomever they have at QB win this one.

PICK: Saskatchewan -13.5

Montreal @ Hamilton

Tom Luzzi says:

Hamilton seems to be the class of the east. Ottawa and Montreal continues to improve week by week. They’ve got a new attitude and new coaches. I honestly believe this could be the upset of the week. Take Montreal. This is the most excited I’ve been about a Montreal team since George Dixon and Sam Etchevry we’re in the backfield.

Mike Lownsbrough says:

I forgot how much older you are than me. You remember those guys wearing leather helmets broadcast on black and white TV? Hamilton wins this one at home. Montreal is still a disaster.

PICK: Montreal +14

The record picking straight up winners:

Tom 5-2

No Comment.

Mike 3-4  

I doubled down on my Lucky Charms for breakfast and have gone back to my strategy of never betting with my heart after getting my ass kicked last week by our handicapper Tom Luzzi. Nothing like a bye after one week into the season! 

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