Letter to the Editor

July 3, 2019 | CSP Fan

Wow. In one and a half games, the Argos have been outscored 89-14. Already struggling mightily at the gate, the Double Blue, or the CFL, will have to PAY people to attend home games or risk having crowds of about 5,000/game (or less) if they're lucky. Sad state of affairs. TO, Montreal. B.C. continue to struggle to get asses in the seats, Calgary/Edmonton continue to see (it appears) a decline. Sask., the Peg and Ottawa continue to be OK, but crowds in Hamilton seem to now be diminishing as well. Not good optics. Certainly not a good business model. That said, at least we have a few Brits, Aussies etc. in the fold as part of Ambrosie's misguided CFL 2.0 plan ...

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