Flames Beat Phoenix

February 18, 2019 | Mike Lownsbrough

Mark Giordano hits 58 Points

The Old Guard

The two old guys looked great and played a significant role in the Flames win over Phoenix. Captain Mark Giordano leading the way with a goal and an assist. 

Mike Smith got his 3rd straight start in net and won his second straight game.

I know there are people out there who cringe at Smith being the team's number one.

The Flames want him to be the man simply because of his experience. If he gets hot down the stretch, he is the guy you want in net. He's lived and done well in the playoffs before.

David Rittich is not battle proven.

That simple. LET IT PLAY OUT.

Secondary Scoring

Austin Czarnik is trying to make the best of his opportunity to play. Despite blown coverage on the first goal Phoenix scored, he scored his second in as many games.

It ain't Toronto, but that's a good thing.

Frig, I hate the heavy dose of Toronto fed crap we get out here.

Today the Sportsnet in-between period crew was going on about how they snapped a five-game losing streak and came home and won one.


It was 4, and they did win in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

But ask them what kind of latte any member of the Leafs drink and I guarantee they will know that.

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