Don Cherry's Replacement

February 23, 2019 | Mike Lownsbrough

Ron MacLean and Don Cherry are the most iconic sports team in the history of Canadian Sports.

It was altered somewhat when NHL president Gary Bettman wanted MacLean gone.

So in came the George Stroumboulopoulos experiment.

Bettman felt threatened by MacLean and didn't like the way he was pressed during their interviews.

Can you say control freak? Sure I knew you could.

Then all order in the free word resumed once Ron was returned to his original role allowing the Ron and Don show to continue.

See Bettman doesn't care how important these two are to the game of hockey.

It's funny, for the last 25 years, hockey reporters always bitched about Don Cherry claiming that he lost touch with the game.

Bla bla bla. Who cares?   Let him loose.   It's entertainment.   It's show biz.

The thing is when you are unique... when you standout...when you are successful, jealousy sets in.

But all good things have to come to an end.

Now in his 80s how many years does Cherry have left and who will replace him?

There's only one guy who can fill his boots and it sure as hell isn't John Shannon.


It's Brian Burke.

The logical choice.

He's opinionated.

He's witty.

He has no filter.

He's...well... Don Cherry.

When the time comes for Grapes to call it quits, unleash Burke and don't make him tie his tie.

He's good just the way he is.

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