CFL Picks for Week # 6

July 18, 2019 | Tom Luzzi and Mike Lownsbrough

Toronto @ Calgary

Tom Luzzi says:

The Argos are not a very good team. Their Grey Cup win was a fluke and it’s been all down hill since then. I think a major trade will happen involving a big name QB that will bring excitement back to the center of the universe. Stampeder second-string guys are better than the Argo starters.

All Stamps win -12.5

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Tom gets over this Bo Levi trade it won’t happen. There are people you date and people you marry. They are married. Stamps in a cakewalk

Ottawa @ Winnipeg

Tom Luzzi says:

Ottawa looked good in the beginning but teams have finally caught up to them on tape. Winnipeg is the best team in the west and are catching Ottawa at the right time. Redblacks have the 7th best D in the CFL, which that means absolutely nothing in a 9-team league. Bombers win -10

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Right now the Bombers are the best team in the CFL with a marginal QB.

Solid defense. Solid team. Bombers at home in an easy game

Edmonton @ Montreal

Tom Luzzi says:

Edmonton is favored but they are walking into a hornet’s nest. The AL’s have finally come around. This is a big home game after the blood letting this week. Montreal wins and take the +4.5

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Eskimos are a good team. Montreal caught some guys sleeping. They aren’t that good.

Eskimos win on the road.

BC @ Saskatchewan

Tom Luzzi says:

I can’t figure the Lions out and the Lions can’t figure themselves out either. The Riders are a good team led by a strong D. They have their QB of the future in Fajardo. Powell will run wild on a bad Lions’ D. Lions have given up 56 more points than they have scored. Enough said. Saskatchewan wins -5.0

Mike Lownsbrough says:

Mike Reilly can’t win by himself. This Lions team is weak on the offensive line and maybe the diva drama is too much. Riders at home win this one

Overall record in straight picks:

Mike 12 - 7

Tom 10 - 9

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