CFL in a World of Trouble

April 29, 2019 | Fan Letter to Outlaw Sports

The following comment was sent in by a fan:

With the CFLPA members voting (I think it was 98% - I think, don't know, they feel more emboldened after the demise of the AAF) in favour of giving the CFLPA the go-ahead to strike, and the CFL itself apparently playing hardball, the CFL, as a league, is in a world of trouble. Players are underpaid for what they do, league revenues (notably gate receipts, are way down). Add in the fact that TSN isn't likely to anti-up what they did for the last TC contract, which expired in a year or two, you have a league in crisis. Commish Randy, aside from getting a few Mexicans and Australians etc. to training camps, is failing MISERABLY. 

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