A Letter to the Editor: MLB - A Fan's Perspective

July 5, 2019

A bit of a Jays' take/letter: Gurriel Jr. has been a great story. And will continue to be. But there are/will be others. This is a re-build year, with a lot of stories starting, careers starting at Chapter 1 at the MLB level. And those stories are starting to play out in the positive as the season progresses. Vlad, despite growing pains, is going to be a great player. Biggio already looks like a seasoned MLB player, and will only get better. Rowdy needs to learn to be more selective at the plate, but his power and D has been spot-on, at least for a first-year regular. Jansen has been decent behind the plate and seems to now be finding his footing at the plate. He's growing as a player before our eyes. Bichette, after his injury, is now tearing it up in Buffalo -- he's coming north soon. He may be the best of the bunch. Fun times. Pitching needs help, but there are a few pieces and you can always buy pitching when the time is right. That's not now. To that end, they have to trade Stro this year while his value is high. Get more high-end prospects in the player pool. Let the young group grow this year. And enjoy the process, TO. I think the Jays will be about a .500 ball club, or so, the last half of this season. And that will help build toward a brighter future as the young dudes get experience, bond and get better.

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